Pressure to Bear…

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Well… I have purchased a URL to make a blog/webpage. Point your browser or RSS feed reader (for the two people int he world that may subscribe to this feed) to Pressure to Bear…

I like the opportunity to change my WordPress template and such, but it is likely to just be a place to spend $3.99 a month to write nothing…

C’est la Vie…


Slacker… Lameness deferred.

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Rather difficult to blog most of the time. It takes away from the active search for content… I want to Calistoga a couple weeks ago and walked around. I saw some cemeteries and took some pics… rather exciting


The Comedy of Hate…

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Hitting the random button on my media player this eve’, I landed on Bill Hicks’ album Dark Poet. I saw the title of a set portion, “the comedy of hate.” I was reminded of how often my sense of humor could be exactly defined as such.

Hicks had the ability to mock something in a devastating manner only by using the truth…

The comedy of hate isn’t hate; it is telling the truth and being unfiltered in a world that has lost the appreciation of honesty. I am a very “P.C” person; I believe that every person is worth exactly the same. Unfortunately, this worth is nothing. All of us are forsaken by our cherished beliefs and deities and left to this world to deal alone and naked and vulnerable. Society tells us even more lies about the “American Dream” and the ability of all people to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

People are all equal. We are all born and, those who are lucky enough, live to make our own decisions. Society fucks us all. We are casualties (or survivors) of class.

This post has taken a right turn, but I will hit on my point: The comedy of hate is not about hate; it is about love for all people and hope, even in the face of reality. Pointing out the truth may allow others the perception of the constructs that work against them; to turn the tide.

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Freeway Dog is Whole Again

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My dog, Sadie, is now whole again. Her leg is healed, she has been spayed, and she no longer has to wear her Elizabethean collar. I must say that it is much easier to deal with a dog when it isn’t bouncing into shit and wearing a doggy diaper…

Sadie whole again

She is a rather nice dog (or Wog, as my wife and I have begun calling her species). I can’t imagine what sort of person would throw the dog out on the freeway and not feed her.

Nintendo SWAG

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One of my co-workers (A world champion of pinball BTW) knew my love of video games and presented me this lovely Nintendo dress shirt.

Nintendo Shirt

She had received it at the Game Developers Conference and decided to give it to me. Rather nice I must say. She said she traded a pen branded for the company she works for in exchange for this swag.

My boss from Seattle defined SWAG as “stuff we all get,” because everybody is giving this shit away at trade shows. People don’t really realize the coercive subliminal power of a bouncy light-up LED ball branded with the company’s name… priming its name in your subconscious until it just becomes the proper thing to buy…

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Moving is Lame (part 11 or so…)

•July 22, 2006 • 1 Comment

I am moving for the eleventh time in twelve years. This is especially surprising seeing that I lived in two of these places for three years each.

I can remember a short year back blogging from the floor. Fortunately, this year I will only have four days without internet service at home.

Fucking boxes

I am not looking forward to finishing moving tomorrow. Fortunately, I have hired movers and will be hiring a maid service to clean my apartment.

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Misused Search Terms are Fun!

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I rather enjoy checking my feed stats to see what people use to find this blog… Yesterday someone was searching for “up Skirting pictures.” Imagine their disappointment when they found my blog instead of pictures of girls’ nether regions.

I assume that this individual had to go about 30 pages into search results in order to find this page.

It is rather interesting the search results that I am able to find for this subject. For example (via Google Images):


I am guessing this is more in-line with the searcher’s expectations. Then again… perhaps this person was looking for this provocatively titled posting on Flickr describing a “Close up of skirting:


Man, that makes me hot!

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